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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance
When you ride a motorcycle on any roadway, you’re required to have minimum liability insurance, but that’s just not enough. You don’t have any bumpers, air bags or seat belts to protect you. You’re exposed and vulnerable to serious injuries. Having the proper coverage will keep you protected for whatever occurs on the road.

If you cause an accident while you’re on your motorcycle, you’re insured for the medical bills of the other party, plus their property damage. Make sure you have guest coverage for anybody that might be riding on your bike with you. Some policies require separate coverage for that. Get the highest liability limits that you can afford.

As opposed to liability that pays for injuries or property damage to others that was caused by you, collision coverage will pay for your repairs, or pay the actual cash value of your totaled motorcycle if you caused the accident. Most policies allow you to use your collision coverage for your repairs if somebody else caused the accident.

This involves damage to your bike that isn’t caused by a collision like if your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized or you wipe out on gravel. It pays for the repairs or the actual cash value of your bike.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist
If you’re injured in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist, you’re covered for personal injury damages. If they’re riding on bare minimum liability insurance, and you can prove that you incurred $75,000 of damages, underinsured coverage will pay the difference.

Optional equipment coverage
Many bikes are customized, but those customized parts either aren’t insured or have low limits of coverage with standard motorcycle insurance. You might want to look into this.

Total loss coverage
This is a big improvement over actual cash value for a total loss of the bike. With total loss coverage, the insurer would pay the MSRP for the current make and model of your bike.

Other coverage like roadside assistance and trip interruption coverage are also available. Remember that on a motorcycle, you’re virtually unprotected. Get the best affordable coverage.